What to bring to a July 4th party

 Be the perfect 4th of July party guest by contributing to the celebration and helping out the host. You can contribute to the party in many ways. You could bring potluck items, games, or a hostess gift. Here are some ideas for what to bring to a July 4th party:

Hostess Gift: A hostess gift is a great option if you are attending a party that has food, drinks, and entertainment included. It doesn’t have to be expensive rather something that is thoughtful to show the host your gratitude. Here are some perfect patriotic hostess gifts:
  •  A bottle of wine or champagne
  •  A trio of red, white, and blue candles
  •  Summer themed gift basket
  •  Seasonal flower bouquet
  • Send an online thank you card after the party. Include a personalized message and gift card as a small token of your appreciation.
Potluck Items: Bringing a potluck item is a great way to contribute to a July 4th party. When you sign up for a potluck dish, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. First, you need to know how many guests plan to attend so you can bring enough. Also, you need to figure out how you're going to transport whatever it is that you're bringing. Here are a few easy July 4th potluck dish ideas:
  •  Garden pasta salad
  •  Chips and homemade dip
  •  Cranberry corn bread
  •  Fruit skewers with mint
Games: July 4th parties are typically held outdoors, so bring over backyard games to contribute to the celebration. Before you decide what to bring, call the host to see what they have already so you don’t bring duplicates. Here are a few easy outdoor game supplies to bring to a July 4th cookout:
  •  Whiffle ball set
  •  Tag football items
  •  Pool toys (goggles, inflatable rafts, paddle boards)
  •  Croquet set
  •  Dodge ball
  •  Badminton set
July 4th Party Supplies: Supplying extra party decorations or accessories is a great way to bring something fun and useful to a July 4th party. Here are a few easy items that would make any celebration more festive:
  •  Patriotic beaded necklaces
  •  Mini American flags
  •  July 4th party hats
  •  Noise makers
  •  Sparklers
Desserts: If you’re in doubt on what to bring to a July 4th party, a dessert is always the best option. Everyone loves sweets and something homemade is the perfect way to show the host your gratitude. Here are some festive dessert ideas to bring:
  •  Red, white, and blue frosted cupcakes
  •  Chocolate covered pretzels with red, white, and blue sprinkles
  •  Red, white, and blue trifle
  •  Strawberry or blueberry cheesecake
  •  Apple, blueberry, or rhubarb pie
 If you ask the host what they'll need, some hosts will be honest and ask you to bring something specific. Others may have no idea what they need or they'll insist that you don't need to bring anything. In most cases, it's thoughtful to bring something even if it's just a little something like a box of cookies or bottle of wine. Follow the guidelines above and you'll be all set. No one can fault you for trying to do something thoughtful!

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