Create a Potluck List for your BBQ

Punchbowl makes it easy to manage your online invitations, as well as keep track of who's bringing what! Encourage guests to bring their favorite dish or drink with our Potluck feature! Add it to any online invitation, whether it's for Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, or anything in between.

Create a Potluck List for your BBQ

This useful feature can be found on the Invitation Options page, as shown below.

free online invitation potluck

Customize the Potluck to include all the items you'll want guests to bring. You can select from appetizer, side dish, main course, dessert, beverage, and party supplies – or add your own category. Then click on the green "Done" button to save the list and add it to your invitation. 

Your Potluck list will appear on your invitation after a guest has responded Yes. Then, they can easily sign up for whatever they'd like to bring!

 free online invitation potulck 


You can claim any item on the list to let your guests know what you're providing. Just click "Edit" on the item you're bringing and then "Add someone" under "Who's bringing this." Then choose "I'm bringing."


Guests will love being able to tell you what they're bringing, and it will help cut down on duplicate items at your bbq.

Ready to plan your own BBQ? Get started with one of our BBQ invitations!



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