July 4th Party Themes

If you plan to throw an Independence Day party, brainstorm July 4th party theme ideas. Consider a variety of 4th of July party themes such as red, white and blue, a flag theme and an Uncle Sam theme.

Here are some ways you can execute a Fourth of July party theme.

Online July 4th Invitations

Start by sending gorgeous 4th of July invitations to set the stage for your event. Customize your favorite design with important event details, send via email or text, and collect RSVPs online.

Red, White and Blue Theme

The colors red, white and blue represent the United States of America, patriotism and Independence Day. Decorate for your July 4th party in the colors red, white and blue (think table settings, balloons and flower arrangements). Incorporate these colors into your menu serving only red, white and blue items. Have fun with red punch, fruits such as watermelon and strawberries, and angel food cake. Also, when you send your invites, ask guests to only wear red, white and blue articles of clothing!

Flag Theme

A flag theme is one of the most popular 4th of July party themes. Decorate the food at the July 4th party with flags. For example, make cheesecake flag squares and an American flag cake to serve at the party. Place American flag centerpieces on each table at the party. Purchase a low circular vase, place clear marbles on the bottom, and arrange a handful of mini American flags inside. Use the marbles to hold the flags in place. For parties held at a residence, hang an American flag in the front yard to signify the location of the event.

Uncle Sam Theme

Plan an Uncle Sam July 4th party theme for your Independence Day celebration. Purchase multiple Uncle Sam hats at your local party store and use them as centerpieces for the tables. Punch holes in the tops of the hats and insert multiple mini American Flags to add some extra flare. Pass out Uncle Sam hats to guests throughout the party. Finally, hire a professional to dress up as Uncle Sam and walk around the party on stilts!

Hand out favors at the end of the event to leave guests with a keepsake. For a flag-themed party hand out sugar cookies with a flag decoration. Let guests take home their Uncle Sam hat for the Uncle Sam themed party. Finally, for the red, white and blue themed party, pass out red, white and blue M&Ms in clear cellophane bags.
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