What is a Fiver Party and How Do you Host One?

Have you ever heard of a FIVER party? Has your child received an invitation to attend one? We’re here to answer a few questions, like “What is a Fiver Party?”, “How do I host a Fiver Party?”, and “What do I write in a Fiver Party invitation?”

What is a Fiver Party?

You might be thinking that a Fiver party is a birthday party for a 5-year-old. Not quite - though they are a good idea for those big 5th birthday parties when you have to invite every friend in your child’s classroom! 

A Fiver party is often a birthday party but can be any occasion where people may choose to bring a gift for the honoree. In this case, the invitation comes with a request that instead of a gift, the guests give the honoree a fiver - just a $5 bill - to be used toward the guest of honor’s preferred larger gift. Perhaps that’s a video game console, a tablet, or a Chromebook. Perhaps it’s a Season’s Pass to the Zoo or an Amusement Park. It could even be for a donation to an animal rescue or another charitable cause. 

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Why throw a Fiver Party? 

There are many reasons that more and more people are choosing a Fiver Party over a traditional party. Here are just a few: 
  • Many households have chosen a more minimalist lifestyle for many reasons: They could desire to have a tidier aesthetic, they might try to limit consumerism or may be eco-friendly and choose to limit their consumption. In this case, inviting 20 classmates who all bring a new toy, is contrary to their way of life.
  • Differing financial situations amongst the guests can sometimes cause tension - some families can afford a more expensive gift while some may struggle to bring anything at all. By limiting the “price tag” on a birthday gift to just $5, this tension is eliminated.
  • Some families really enjoy spending their time and money on Experiences rather than Things.
  • Some children enjoy learning about money and the value of things.
  • Sometimes the honoree is really keen to support their favorite cause instead of getting a gift for themselves. 
Whatever the reason behind throwing a Fiver Party, the party planning process is the same! 

How Do I Host a Fiver Party?

Hosting a Fiver Party is like any other party only you'll add some specific Fiver Party wording to your invitation:

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Step 1 - Choose a Date & Time

Step 2 - Create the Guest List

Step 3 - Decide on a Theme

Step 4 - Select an Invitation

Step 5 - Add Fiver Party Wording to Your Invitation

The great thing about a Fiver Party is that you don’t need a special invitation! You can choose popular Kids' Characters or Themes that the honoree will love. What is important is the wording for a Fiver Party! 

When hosting a party, some people struggle with the etiquette of mentioning a gift in a party invitation. That’s because we can’t always assume that every guest has the intention of treating the honoree to a gift. In most cases, it is likely that the guest will bring a gift, but it’s not required and we never want to make our guests feel obligated. A carefully worded suggestion is key. Here are some examples of how to ensure that the gift is your choice and not expected: 

  • If you’d like to give Adrianna a gift, she would be honored to receive $5 towards her very own tablet.
  • If you’re inclined to bring a gift, Will would like you to consider giving him a FIVER towards his Season’s Pass to Wonderpark.
  • If you’re considering a gift, Jaxson asks that, instead, you consider bringing $5 to add to his donation to SaveMe K9 Rescue.
Step 5 - Purchase or Make Your Decorations

Step 6 - Plan the Menu

Step 7 - Enjoy the Party!

We think Fiver Parties are a great idea and a wonderful option for many families. If you’ve hosted a Fiver Party, we’d love to hear how it went - message us via our Facebook page any time!

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