Tips for Kids Birthday Cakes

Tips for Kids Birthday Cakes

Kids birthday cakes are the centerpieces of kid’s birthday parties. Whether it is a birthday party for a girl or boy, the birthday cake is what the kids look forward to the most. To ensure that your kids birthday cake is the most memorable part of the party, make sure that the cake tailored to the child, fits the theme of the party, and most importantly, is absolutely delicious!

Tips for Kids Birthday Cakes

Here are some things to keep in mind as you figure out your plan for the all-imporant birthday cake:

  • Who's going to make the cake? Picking the right kids birthday cake can be a challenge. To make it easier, start by deciding who is going to make the cake. Do you want a homemade cake or a store bought cake? If you make your cake at home, you have the freedom to customize it however you want and change it up last minute. When you buy at cake there is more advance planning. You need to know what exactly you want so you can pass along those instructions to the bakery. Buying a cake is a good option if you don't have time to make one yourself or if you plan on adding elaborate details to your kid’s birthday cake that might be difficult to make yourself.
  • What flavors do you want? Once you have made the decision to either make your kid’s birthday cake or to buy it, next think of what flavor cake you want. In general, kids are simple so keeping with simple cake flavors is the best. Chocolate flavored cake and vanilla flavored cake are the most popular. For icing, chocolate and vanilla are again the most popular. However, keep in mind that with vanilla flavored icing you can add food coloring to make your birthday cake unique or to fit a specific kids birthday party theme.
  • What type of cake decorations are needed? The decorations on a birthday cake for kids are important because they are what everyone will see at the party. This can be a hard task, but picking a theme for the birthday cake or matching the cake to the birthday party theme can help make it easier. For birthday cakes for boys, themes like pirates, reptiles, or cars are excellent. Themes for birthday cakes for girls can be princesses, ballet, or animals. Accessorize your cake with cake toppers that compliment the cake’s theme to make it even more fabulous. A cohesive theme for your kid’s birthday cake will make it special and unique for the party.

Birthday cakes for kids are the most exciting part of every kid’s birthday party. Just follow these tips to ensure that you have a festive and delicious kids birthday cake at your child’s birthday party!

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