Super Bowl Party Games

The Super Bowl is no longer just a game to watch on TV. It is now a full event that many people look forward to all year long! No matter how well you organize your invitations, menu, and decorations, you still need some fun and exciting games for your guests to play during the game. Here are some awesome Super Bowl party game ideas to include at your event:


  • Pre-Game Football Game: There is no better way to get your guests’ blood pumping before the Super Bowl than with a friendly game of touch football. When your guests RSVP, find out if they are interested in playing, and if so inform them to arrive a few hours early to the Super Bowl party. Once everyone arrives, split the guests into two teams and start playing. The winning team gets bragging rights for the rest of the day!
  • Rate the Commercials: The commercials shown during the Super Bowl are often as exciting as the game! Companies pay top dollar to have their ads shown at key times during the game. Make a fun game out of ranking the best and worst commercials. Have guests write down their favorites and at the end of the game tally the votes to find out which commercials were the greatest and which were the lamest.
  • Pick-a-Player: Before the game starts, have all of your guests put in $1, $5, or $10, based on how large you want your pool. Put the names of all of the key players on both teams into a hat. Have each guest draw out a name. At the end of the game, whoever’s player is named MVP wins the pot! If your party is on the smaller side, put the most popular players names into the pool to ensure that the MVP will be chosen.
  • Pass the Cup: This is a classic Super Bowl party game to play. Hand one guest an empty cup and have them put a dollar into it. The person has to name a football play, like field goal. The cup keeps getting passed with each person adding a dollar to it. The cup continues to get passed until a field goal is scored and the person holding the cup wins the money! Whoever is holding the cup can make the rule so you can switch it up during the game with touch downs, first downs, etc.

When you plan your Super Bowl party games, make sure to think of the games ahead of time and which ones you want to incorporate into the party. You might also want to let guests know which games will be played so they can be prepared. Some people, for example, don't always carry cash so if you're having a pool, they'll want to know.

Also, between the excitement of the Super Bowl and the games your guests will be playing, things can sometimes get a bit rowdy. Protect your tables and furniture from unnecessary accidents. Clear everything that you don’t need off of the table and put out plenty of coasters for drinks. You should also have napkins and paper towels in close reach for quick cleanups of spills!

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