Out of this World Birthday Party

Search the galaxy for a unique theme and plan a space party for your little one’s next birthday bash! Incorporate the space birthday party theme in all details of the party including the invitations, decorations, activities, and cake.

Here are a few outer space party ideas that are out of this world:

  • Invitations: Browse through Punchbowl’s collection of digital birthday invitations and find an outer space design to kick-off the party theme. Include details such as the name of the party, guest of honor, date, time, and location. Use creative wording on the invitations such as: “Join us for Tyler’s 7th birthday party. It will be out of this world!”
  • Decorations: Set the scene for the birthday party with outer space party decorations. Cover the tables with either dark blue or black table cloths and scatter with star confetti. Use various sized Styrofoam balls and paint from your local arts and crafts store to create planets and the sun. Purchase fishing wire and hang the decorations from the ceiling over the main table.
  • Activity: Entertain the kids with a fun outer space party activity. Provide supplies such as paper plates, markers, and stickers. Have the kids construct UFOs. Instruct them to glue two paper plates together and decorate them with markers and stickers. Later on take the kids outside to fly their UFOs. Other outer space party games include a comet toss or “pin the tail on the comet.”
  • Cake: Purchase a cake from your local bakery or make one yourself. Bake a rectangular cake and cover it in navy blue fondant frosting. Mix blue, green, and white fondant frosting, and roll it into small balls to resemble the Earth. Create a border around the cake with the fondant balls. Bake sugar cookies in the shapes of circles and stars. Decorate the cookies with frosting to resemble the sun, stars, and planets. In addition to the cake, serve freeze dried ice cream for a space-age treat!

Be sure to take pictures of the birthday boy or girl and his or her friends with their UFOs. Include pictures of the kids in the thank you notes. Far out!

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