Moroccan Party

Host an exotic Moroccan party to put a Middle Eastern twist on your next celebration. A Moroccan party theme is a unique and festive way to celebrate any occasion, such as a milestone birthday, anniversary, or a coming home party. Here are a few party planning tips to help you create a Moroccan themed party.

  • Decorations: Moroccan party décor is an extremely important part of your party planning. Create the right décor to make your guests feel like they've been transported to an exotic destination in the Middle East. Jewel tones and exotic looking fabrics mark the Moroccan style. To achieve this look in your party space, go to a fabric store and try to find Moroccan inspired fabric to hang on your walls, to use tablecloths, and to make pillow covers. Also, decorate your tables with lots of candles and jewels to create the perfect ambiance. Tea lights and votives will work well to set the scene.
  • Music: Create a playlist with Moroccan or Moroccan influenced music to play it throughout your party. The music is key to make your guests feel like they are truly halfway across the world.
  • Menu: Try to serve Moroccan cuisine at your party for an added authentic touch. A great appetizer to serve is a variety of flavored humus with pita bread for dipping. Additionally, marinated olives and a variety of cheeses are good appetizers. For an entrée, serve marinated chicken with lots of vegetables and couscous.

Moroccan Party

  • Activities: A few Moroccan party ideas that are ideal for this type of celebration are hookahs and belly dancing. Hookah is a popular device in Morocco that is used to smoke flavored tobacco. While you don’t have to use the hookah, they are a nice accent piece to add to your party. Another activity that everyone in the party can try is belly dancing. Have a professional dancer come to your party to teach everyone how to belly dance. This is a fun way to get everyone on their feet and dancing regardless if they can master the Moroccan style of belly dancing.
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