24 Happy Belated Birthday Messages

Did you forget your friend's birthday? Your brother's? Or your mom's? Don't worry - we have compiled our favorite Belated Birthday eCards - and the Happy Belated Birthday messages that you can use to redeem yourself! Take a look at 24 great options: 

Send Funny Belated Birthday Messages & eCards

We love a good pun or a clever turn of phrase. Choose one of these funny Belated Birthday Cards and Messages to add a little bit of humor to the situation: 

If these cards don't hit the mark, try one of these messages: 

  • Your birthday came, your birthday went. Here's the card I should have sent! 
  • Oops! My Dog ate your birthday card. 
  • Sorry I'm late - I didn't want to be the one to remind you that you're another year older!
  • Sorry I missed your birthday - you didn't remind me! 
  • Think of this as a really early birthday wish for next year!

Say "I'm Sorry for Missing Your Birthday"

A heartfelt apology can take the sting out of a missed birthday. Choose one of these Belated Birthday eCards and include a message like "I'm sorry I missed your birthday." You don't been to provide an excuse unless there is a valid one besides "I forgot", but by acknowledging your mistake with a sincere apology you're sure to make up for it.  
Here are a few more Sorry messages: 

  • I'm sorry I forgot your birthday. The good news is I also forgot your age! 
  • I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I love you.
  • Please forgive me for forgetting your birthday. You mean the world to me.

Turn Belated Birthday Card Messages into a Positive

Sometimes you can put a positive spin on your Belated Birthday Wishes. Acknowledge your mistake (and your embarrassment) when you choose a cute card or a cheeky message that'll put a smile on the recipient's face: 

Choose one of these greetings: 

  • At least my belated wishes give you another chance to celebrate! 
  • I'm grateful to have a friend like you who isn't forgetful like me. Happy Belated!
  • May all your wishes come true. Happy Belated Birthday to you. 
  • Your birthday may have passed me by, but I'm sending best wishes to a super guy.
  • I didn't forget your birthday - I just wanted it to last longer! 
  • Someone had to keep the party going! Happy Birthday.

At times, we can all have other things happening in our lives that cause us to forget special dates like the birthdays of those close to us. Just take a moment and acknowledge your "oopsie" with a message or a Belated Birthday eCard that is appropriate to your relationship with those friends or family members. 
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