Fundraising Ideas for Kids

Are you looking for some fun and inventive fundraising ideas for kids? You've come to the right place, we've got a long list of great fundraiser ideas that will excite and involve kids of all ages. There are good fundraiser ideas and then there are GREAT fundraiser ideas. Getting the kids involved in all aspects of the planning and execution will make them happy to take part and will help them get involved in charitable giving for the rest of their lives.

Kids fundraising ideas:

  • Organize a bubbly car wash for an organization that could use some extra funds. Ask a local bank or university to donate their parking lot, access to water, and hoses. Post ads all over town and in your local paper, and spread the word to corporations in the area to ask for donations to buy car washing supplies. The kids will love getting wet and wild!
  • Design holiday cards and reproduce sets of ten to twelve using a color printer or your local copy center. Wrap them in decorative ribbon and sell through the kids' school a few weeks before a big holiday. The kids will love seeing their artwork all over the place and all the money raised can be given to a favorite charity.
  • Ride bikes all night long! Organize ride-a-thons for great high school fundraising ideas. Spread the word using social media and word-of-mouth and have kids collect pledges from neighbors, friends, and family members. The kids can design where they'll ride and will have fun mapping it all out. Ask a group of parents to supervise the all night event and supply plenty of food and drinks.
  • Easy fundraising ideas for kids are hard to find. They usually require a lot of coordination, planning ahead and organization. If your family barely has time for dinner together, go online and find an organization that means something to your kids and ask them if they'd like to donate a portion of their allowance every month to it. Make your own chart of how much they'll contribute and make a competition of sorts with their siblings or friends.
  • School fundraising ideas are usually plentiful. It seems someone is always selling cookies or holiday wreaths! Think of more unique ideas by exploring the needs of your community. Is there a retirement home that seems a bit run-down or could a flower bed out front? Does the animal shelter need dog walkers on a regular basis or help stuffing envelopes? Sometimes it's the simple things that charitable organizations have the hardest time with. You'll never know unless you ask!

Coming up with kids' fundraising ideas can be a fun weekend activity. Ask your kids to brainstorm what things mean most to them and how they can help their community!

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