How to Plan a Princess Party

One of the most popular birthday ideas for little girls is a princess party. What little girl doesn't want to be treated like a princess? Whether she wants to specifically have a Disney princess party or keep it more general, she won't be disappointed. With so many wonderful princess party ideas from which to choose, you'll have no problem creating the party of her dreams.
Here are some ideas to get started:
  • Invitations: Choose beautiful princess party invitations to announce the party. Plan your event on Punchbowl to access a beautiful collection of Disney princess invitations. Use language like "Princess Caitlin invites you to her 5th birthday party" or "Join us for a royal affiar...the birthday of Princess Jessica." If you'd like the girls to dress up like little princesses, make sure to state that on the invitation. The last thing you want is for one girl to stand out from the rest of the girls. If you don't want the girls to dress up - make it one of your party activities!
  • Activity #1 - Make Your Own Tiara: Set the little princesses up at a table right away to begin working on their tiaras so they can enjoy them all day. Paper and plastic tiaras can be decorated using glue, beads, gem stone stickers, and other creative pieces you can find in the craft aisle! This is a great activity for the girls to start working on while you're waiting for all the girls to arrive.
  • Activity #2 - Dress Like a Princess: If you don't have the girls come in their own princess attire, gather fabrics from old dresses and your local fabric store that the girls can use to make their own princess gowns. Use fabrics like satin, silk, lace, and tulle in purples, pinks and silver along with ribbons, scarves, and other items that the girls can use to "belt" their looks. They will likely need help wrapping the fabrics around them or pinning them so they stay on. Have an extra adult to help with this step.
  • Activity #3 - Princess Makeover: The next step to becoming a fairy princess makeup and accessories. A kid-friendly makeup station and jewelry area with faux baubles will complete the look. Enlist older sisters or even your chlid's favorite babysiter to be the makeup artist for the afternoon. Don't forget to take pictures—you'll want to remember this in a few years when she's grown!
  • Party Menu: What princess party would be complete without the snacks? Pink snacks to be exact. For lunch, go for finger sandwiches and veggies cut using princess-themed cookie cutters. For dessert, try strawberry ice cream sundaes and decadent pink frosted cupcakes topped with fairy dust (aka sugar sprinkles).
  • Decorations: Visit Punchbowl's Shopping Aisle to stock up on party decorations fit for a princess. Princess party decorations can be as simple as pink and purple steamers or a fabric banner. You can browse princess party supplies for additional items like plates and napkins that incorporate the theme. Make the birthday girl feel special by decorating her "thrown" with pink and purple streamers, boas, and baubles. She can sit in it for dessert and to open her presents.
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