Christmas Birthday Ideas

Sometimes Christmas birthdays can be tough. With all the holiday celebrations and festivities, it’s easy to understand why friends and family can get distracted and not give the birthday boy or girl the love and attention they deserve. With this in mind, let’s take a look at how we can wish someone a “Happy Christmas Birthday” and make their day special with these Christmas birthday ideas.  

Christmas Birthday Cards

Say “Happy Birthday!” with an online Christmas Birthday card that you can personalize for your loved one and send via text or email. Customize everything from the written message inside, the fonts, and text colors, right down to the stamp and the liner on the envelope. Add a heartfelt video message or include a thoughtful gift card the recipient will love. Best of all, you can schedule the card to send in advance so you don’t have to send it the day of! 

Christmas Birthday Party Ideas

Let’s take a look at a few fun and unique Christmas Birthday party ideas for kids and adults!

Christmas Birthday Invitations
Get your party planning off on the right foot with online Christmas Birthday invitations that you can customize and send from your phone. Browse digital invites designed specifically for Christmas birthdays, pick your favorite, add important event details, and send via email or text. Guests can open your invitation right from their phone and easily RSVP. 

Christmas Birthday Cake 
There are a few ways to incorporate fun Christmas elements into a birthday cake. Is the birthday honoree a big Rudolph fan? Put their favorite reindeer front and center for a very merry and festive cake! You can also use seasonal flavors for your Christmas Birthday cake (a Chocolate Peppermint Cake or Spice Cake with Eggnog Buttercream frosting are both fun options!). Another easy way to make a Christmas Birthday cake is to use red and green frosting with matching sprinkles and crushed candy canes on top.
christmas-birthday-cake.jpg 261.11 KB

Santa’s Claus Birthday
Set up a magical winter wonderland with a Santa Claus birthday party. In addition to decorations and figurines of the big man himself, use red and white ribbon, streamers, and balloons around lamp posts or door frames in the house and place reindeer figures on the lawn. For entertainment, hosts can put holiday twists on classic party games by replacing “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and “Simon Says”  with “Pin the Nose on Rudolph” and “Santa Says.”  For a birthday cake, make “North Pole Cupcakes” with vanilla frosting, powdered sugar for snow, and peppermint sticks as your pole. Last but certainly not least, have a friend or professional party entertainer dress up as Santa and let children tell him what they want for Christmas. Be sure to set up a festive backdrop with a comfy chair for St. Nick and take a photo of each child to send to their parents in a digital thank you card.
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Nightmare Before Christmas Birthday
For Christmas babies who love Halloween and all things spooky, a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday party might be right up their alley! Start with an online Nightmare Before Christmas invitation to help organize and set the stage for the party. Incorporate purple, black, and red decorations throughout the party space and decorate a small Christmas tree with sparkly purple, black, and red ornaments. Purchase Jack Skellington party decorations and make little Santa hats out of construction paper to place on his head. For snacks, bake gingerbread men cookies and use white icing to draw a skeleton on each of them; make green-frosted “Oogie Boogie Brownies” with gummy worms on top; and create “Happy Birthday Bones” by placing a mini marshmallow at both ends of a pretzel stick and covering it in melted white chocolate. 

After the party, send a Nightmare Before Christmas Thank You card to let guest now how much you appreciated them celebrating with you.

Christmas Birthdays: Tips for The Day of

How do you let a birthday honoree know that they’re loved and appreciated on such a big holiday? Here are a few tips to help.

  • Birthday Gifts. First things first: do not wrap birthday gifts in Christmas paper. Buy gift wrap in any color but red and green! Also, be sure to set up a designated space in your home and decorate it solely with birthday signs, streamers, or balloons. This station can be used for opening birthday gifts. Another tip: make the “big” gifts that year birthday presents (smaller gifts can be Christmas presents). 

  • Birthday Breakfast. Designate one meal on Christmas day for the birthday boy or girl. Breakfast is an easy and fun way to incorporate fun foods like funfetti pancakes, unicorn cake donuts, cake batter oatmeal, and birthday cake smoothies. To up the birthday factor, play the honoree’s favorite songs and at least one birthday-themed tune in the background (no Christmas carols allowed!). 

  • Birthday Group Video. One of the best ways that you can surprise your loved ones is by sharing a Memento Group Video that you've created for them before the big day. Have family and family record a special message to the birthday honoree a few days before, select your background music and add a birthday message. Within a few moments, we'll stitch your creation into a wonderful, heartfelt, and unforgettable video montage. 

  • Birthday Cake. As tempting as it may be with all the sweets around the holidays, do not skip the birthday cake. A birthday cake represents an opportunity to gather with loved ones, sing “Happy Birthday,” and wish someone well on their big day. It’s a small but important moment and tradition where the birthday kid is the main star and loved ones can share in their excitement! 
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