5 Fabulous Shrek Birthday Party Ideas

Need some inspiration for a Shrek-themed party? We’ve got tips and ideas for an unforgettable celebration right here. 

Shrek Birthday Invitations: Go Digital

Set the stage for a fun-filled bash with online Shrek invitations featuring everyone’s favorite cranky ogre and his friends Donkey, Puss, and Fiona. Browse Shrek birthday invitations, pick your favorite design, and customize it with the guest of honor’s name and the date, time, and location of the party. Easily upload your guests’ phone numbers or emails and send your Shrek invitations via text or email instantly! 

Digital Shrek invitations also let you collect RSVPs right from your phone and send reminders to anyone who forgot to respond. 

Shrek Party Decorations: Get Dirty

Take party guests deep into Shrek’s murky and muddy swamp with these simple decorating tips and ideas. To start, make festive signs that say “BEWARE: Birthday Ogre” and “Stay Out” and place them at the party’s entrance to warn everyone of what lies ahead. 

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For decorations, the colors green and brown are your friends. Set up streamers of different green and brown hues from the ceiling to mimic vines. Matching balloons, table cloths, napkins, plates and utensils will help tie everything together. Finally, consider incorporating real or fake plants to create a realistic atmosphere.

Shrek Party Food: Go Gross

Ready to get creative? Spend some time with the birthday kid to come up with outrageous Shrek-themed names for menu items and label them accordingly. You can easily turn hummus into Ogre Ear Wax, mini meatballs into Donkey Poop, yummy smoothies into Swamp Slush, and chocolate pudding into Mud Puddles, topped with crumbled chocolate cookies and gummy worms! 
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Shrek Party Activities: Decorate Gingerbread Men

Everyone loves Gingy, Shrek’s sweet gingerbread friend. Let party guests create their own Gingy with a gingerbread man decorating station. First, find a gingerbread cookie recipe and make your cookies the day before the party. Set up a table with the gingerbread men, different colored icing, piping bags, gum drops, and other assorted colorful candy for decoration. Guests will have a blast making their own unique Gingys. BONUS: Send the cookies home with guests in cellophane bags as party favors.
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Shrek Birthday Cake: Make It Messy

End your Shrek-themed party with a cake the ogre himself would be proud of. Check out the recipe for this messy but delicious cake with tons of layers of chocolate chip cake, muddy chocolate cookies, and bright green, mint cheesecake filling. 

Shrek Thank You Cards: Share Gratitude

Here's a bonus party idea: after the celebration, send Shrek Thank You eCards to let guests know how much you appreciate them attending. Personalize the cards and send via text or email in minutes.
Ready to dive into planning? Send online Shrek invitations today to get started!

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