11 Reasons to Send Digital Greeting Cards

Not convinced online greeting cards are the way to go? Let’s take a look at some reasons why you should ditch traditional paper greeting cards and go digital!

1. Cards for any occasion. Send thoughtful eCards for a Birthday, Holiday, Anniversary, Graduation, Retirement, New Baby, and more. Want to say Thank You, Get Well, Miss You, or Good Luck? We’ve got you covered with a wide range of eCards for different greetings and occasions! 

2. Beautiful designs. Our handmade art collection features designs that use a variety of artistic techniques like chalkboard art, watercolor, illustration, and more. There’s something for every design aesthetic!
3. Save time. When you make the transition from paper to digital greeting cards, you will save so much time! Traditional greeting cards require a trip to the store and possibly the post office and aren’t always delivered on time with snail mail. Digital greeting cards can be created and sent in just minutes! 

4. Customization. Punchbowl allows you to customize the eCard for the person you're sending it to. You can add photos, change the colors and fonts, and include a personalized message. You can also customize the finishing touches such as the envelope liner and stamp to make your card really stand out and pop!

5. Video message. Another way to customize your eCard is with a heartfelt video you can easily include in any of our digital greeting cards. It’s easy to record or upload a video message in minutes that recipients will see when they view your thoughtful card.

6. Deliver by text or email. We make it easy to deliver digital greeting cards by text message or email. Send your card from any digital device and recipients can open their card right from their phones!  

7. Send via social media. Share your eCard on Facebook, WhatsApp, or use the card’s URL to share with anyone else. Just follow a few simple steps to share your digital greeting card on your favorite social channel!

8. Schedule delivery. You can schedule your eCards to be sent at a later date or time rather than at the time you make it!  Simply schedule your card in advance so it’s ready to go and one less thing you’ll need to worry about later. 

9. Include a gift card. Digital greeting cards are a great way for you to send your recipient a gift without the hassle of going out to the store. You can easily add a gift card from a brand they’ll love and send it instantly. 
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10. Environmentally friendly. When you choose not to use paper, you save trees. Punchbowl offers eco-friendly greeting cards that have the look and feel of traditional paper greeting cards without the negative impact on the environment. 

11 Recipients can respond. Recipients will appreciate that they can easily respond to your thoughtful card. After someone views their card, they can reply with a quick thanks!  
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