Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Get the whole family into the Halloween spirit with Halloween family costume ideas! Think of well-known characters in movies and television shows like the the Simpson family, the Addams family, and the Flintstone family. Assign a role to everyone and dress up together!

Here are a few ideas for family themed costumes:

  • Addams Family Costumes: Da-na-na-na thump-thump, da-na-na-na thump-thump! Go to your upcoming Halloween party as the Addams Family! Dress the man of the household as Gomez, the lady of the household as Morticia, and the kids as Pugsley or Wednesday. For other fun Addams family costumes, consider Cousin Itt or Uncle Fester. For Gomez, dress in a black three piece suit and use some heavily applied hair gel. For Morticia, wear a long, tight black dress with super straight hair and lots of black eyeliner. Bring along her signature knitting needles for an interesting prop. Dress the kids in black and don’t forget Wednesday’s pigtails! Apply a light layer of white foundation on everyone for a pale effect.
  • Flintstone Family Costumes: Yabba dabba doo! Get ready to celebrate Halloween as the Flintstone family! Dress your family up as Fred, Wilma, and Pebbles. For additional family members, consider a Dino costume or Barney, Betty, and Bam Bam. Visit your local fabric store to purchase the materials for your homemade family costumes. Purchase large pieces of white material, blue material, bright orange material, black felt, and green material. Use the white material to create Wilma’s costume. Cut the white material into a large rectangular shape. Cut a hole in the center for your head or create an off-the-shoulder look. Cut jagged edges at the bottom of the material. Tie a white ribbon or thin belt around your waist. Finish the look with a pearl necklace and orange wig tied up in a bun. For the Fred costume, cut the orange material into a large rectangular shape. Cut a hole in the center for your head. Sew the sides of the material to create a tunic and cut jagged edges at the bottom. Cut triangular shapes out of the black felt and glue them onto the orange material. Finish your Fred costume with a tie made of the blue material. Purchase temporary black hair spray to copy Fred’s black hair. Complete the family with a Pebbles costume. Dress your little girl in blue shorts and create a midriff shirt using the green material and black felt triangles. Tie her hair up in a bun and stick a bone through it.
  • Simpson Family Costumes: Cowabunga, dude! Dress up as the Simpson family for Halloween this year. Consider all the main characters—Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Wear jeans and a white polo shirt to dress as Homer. For an interesting prop, bring a pink frosted donut! For Marge, wear a long, light green dress and an orange “pearl” necklace. Dress up as Bart with a short sleeve orange shirt, blue shorts, and blue sneakers. Carry around a skateboard. For a Lisa Simpson costume, wear a short orange dress and pearl necklace. Use a saxophone for a prop. For Maggie, sport a light blue nightgown and keep a red pacifier in your mouth or around your neck. Add a blue bow to your hair. To put the finishing touch on your Simpson costumes, add yellow face paint, yellow body paint, and wigs. For Bart, Lisa and Maggie wear spiked yellow wigs. Wear a bald wig for Homer and a blue cone shaped wig for Marge.

Remember to have fun with family themed costumes! Consider other ideas such as Family Guy Halloween costumes and the Incredibles family costumes. Before the party, sit down to watch a few minutes of the show together and get into character. Take advantage of the movies and gather perfect costume ideas for the whole family!

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