Creative Costumes for the Whole Family

Do you struggle to find family Halloween costumes every year? Solve this problem by choosing a theme and dress up together - see some ideas for family Halloween costumes below.

  • The Addams Family: This kooky cast of characters makes for a bunch of fun family theme Halloween costumes. Have dad dress up as Gomez, Mom as Morticia, and the kids as Wednesday and Pugsley. You can even have an Uncle Fester if your family is big enough!
  • Fruit of the Loom: Family costumes for Halloween should be silly! Let each family member pick a favorite fruit from the Fruit of the Loom (red apple, green grapes, purple grapes and an orange) and go trick-or-treating as a fruit salad!
  • The Flintstone Family: Perfect for a family of three or four, Mom can be Wilma, Dad as Fred and the kids as Pebbles or Bam Bam.
  • Super Heroes: Turn your family into a super family by dressing up as your favorite super heroes. Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Superman and Cat Woman are all perfect for this family Halloween theme.

Use these ideas for a fun and stress-free Halloween season and don't forget to add the final touches to all of the costumes, including fun face paints and accessories! 

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